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Wednesday 4 November 2015

AngelEasyCook: Korean Spicy Rice Cake♥

KimChi x 250g
Rice Cake x 500g
Beef x 200g
Onion x 1
Garlic x 3-5 pieces
Bean Paste x 1 tablespoon
Chilli Powder x 1 tablespoon
Sugar x 1 teaspoon
Salt x 1 tea spoon
Soy Sauce x 1 table spoon
Wash and cut the beef to small pieces, crop the garlics, add salt & soy sauce on the beef.
Wash and cut the onion to small pieces.
Add the beef, onion and kimchi into the pan.
Start fire, add olive oil into the pan and fry the ingredients.
Add the bean paste and chilli powder.
Add the rice cake.
Add 1 glass of water.
Cover it, wait until the rice cake become soft.
Add sugar, adjust the taste with salt/ soy sauce.
It's done! Easy and fast!!
Video version 
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  1. Mmmm..looks really tasty!
    Must take a look at the video!
    wish you a nice afternoon.

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