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Monday 15 June 2015

Let's meet my Pandora♥

This is my very first Pandora bracelet, before I didn't really like Pandora because I thought it is not pretty when the bracelet with full of sliver charms! But since I saw my sister and cousin wore their Pandora bracelets with few charms, I started to want one! I checked out the Pandora website, I saw many pretty charms, especially the bling bling ones. Then I decided to get one!=D The reason that I choose those charms because they are pretty, don't have any special meaning. And my next charm should be gold color one (pic below*). It is much expensive than others because it made by gold. I will save up the money now and get it when the next unforgettable moment happen.
                               *pic from
14k gold deep blue sea charm
Do you have any Pandora bracelet? Share with me! Tag me on Instagram @angelbirdbb! Looking forward to see yours!


  1. It's beautiful bracelet and charms, too! :)


  2. And can you do a video about your Jo Malone perfume and your favorite perfumes?

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