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Sunday 15 December 2013

Sister comes to Switzerland Day1- Day10♥

Day 1
My husband and I woke up so early to go to Zurich Airport to pick up my sister. It is her first time to travel to Switzerland, first time take the plane alone, first time to see snow....
Click here for vlog ep1

 Day 2
We visited the University in Lausanne, we saw a lot of birds and sheeps.
Click here for vlog ep2

Day 3
We were in Lausanne city and took time to shopping! At night, my sister helped me to dye my hair root.
Click here for vlog ep3

 Day 4
We went to Christmas market in Montreux! My husband and I go there every year.
Click here for vlog ep4

Day 5
Stay in our hometown, walked around and ate a Donner box!
Click here for vlog ep5

Day 6

Day 7
Work in the morning!

Day 8
Lunch in Les Diablerets

Day 9
Shopping again lol

Day 10
We completed the Christmas market in Montreux because last time it was so cold and we couldn't continue.

Vlogs are coming soon and they will be uploaded on my channel.
Stay tuned


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  2. Cool shots, looks like you had lots of fun! xoxo.

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