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Saturday 26 October 2013

The Best Mascara Ever♥

If you follow my blog, you possibly read my post about mascaras. I tried like billion different mascaras in my life. I really have super short eyelashes. For top eyelashes, I prefer using fake eyelashes and for bottom lashes, I prefer using mascara. I bought this mascara in Sasa Hong Kong randomly, mainly because of the packaging, it is so attractive and cute. This mascara comes from japan. As you see the photos, this mascara is a 2 in 1 mascara, base cream and black mascara in 1 bottle. It is much more convenient to use or keep it handy. The brushes are quite small, which makes applying the mascara on bottom lashes easy. Also, it gives to your lashes volume and length. I only need to apply 1-2 times and it gives me a really nice look. I believe this mascara can be kept all day long without any problem. I'm so grateful that I found it and the price is so reasonable. I think it costs around HKD120, which means about USD 15, it is totally worth it. I visited their website and I saw the other long vision of this mascara. I wanna try this immediately but I think this website does not ship their products worldwide;( I will try to find it online or wait next time when I go back to Hong Kong.
I think this mascara is the best ever for me at the moment!
P.S As you see I really have nothing on my bottom lashes. I just put 1 coat and I'm happy with this result;) Please don't compare with someone who have long lashes and I think if they use this mascara, the result must be amazing.

What is your best mascara? Share with me;)



  1. Me too have small Asian lashes, I am always looking for good mascara..
    I have to surely try this..
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  2. Can you post a photo of this mascara applied on you ? thank you so much , i would like to see the effect :3 you are always so cute <3 kisses

  3. I love your eyes! <3
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