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Thursday 22 August 2013

Review: Hada CRiE Cool♥

Hada CRiE
Made in Japan

It is a ion cleansing with moisturizing and cooling support device.
Included in the package: The device, the plug, two plastic circle holders and some information papers.
There are 4 steps ( ~18mins in total ), and two different levels: High/Low
Step 1: Cleansing (~5mins)
Step 2: Micro-pat (~5mins)
Step 3: Moisturizing (~5mins)
Step 4: Cool-Aesthetic (~3mins)
You can choose which step you would like to do, no need to do all 4 steps everytime.
What else do you need? (What they suggest)
Cotton facial (Step 1+3 are needed)& liquid lotion
What do I suggest?
I like to use the device when wearing a face mask, from Step 1 to 4, no need to use cotton. It is much easier to use and the result is better than what they suggest.
My own opinion: I have only used it about 5-6 times with low level, and this device is mainly for cleansing and moisturizing. My feeling is that the day after use, my skin is moisturized, it is not easy to get oily and the foundation stays better on my skin and it can keep all day long.
Step 4 helps for tightening up your skin pores but honestly I don't really feel the difference yet, maybe I need to use it longer to get the result. But I love this cooling function, it is so comfortable. I think this device is quite convenient to use, but don't expect too much from the result, because it is like a cleansing and massaging tool. It will improve your skin, help your skin absorbing more the moisturizing product. It is quite expensive but I think it is worth the price;)
Let me know if you have one too!


  1. I dont have but would love to have one..
    Will look for this..

    Dont forget to enter my giveaway.
    Keep in touch,

  2. Sounds like a wonderful device, like
    a SPA at your home or something :P
    Cute My Melody cotton pads btw! Xx

  3. Oh the pink tube with the kitty look great!

  4. I would love to purchase this! Thanks for your unbiased views, xoxo.


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