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Saturday 20 April 2013

The Secret of My Photos♥

Hi everyone,
If you follow my Instagram, you already know that I always take a "Angel daily shot", almost everyday lol. And, I'm really appreciate for all of your nice comments. Most of people ask what I use to take my photos & how can my skin looks so flawless:)
Here we are, I will tell you my secret today in this blog!!! Maybe you already know how or you have better way to, feel free to share with me!!
Firstly, of course is what I use to take my photos. Before I got my new camera, ( I'm a camera fans, I own about 8-9 cameras, not the crazy expensive one ) I mainly use the iPhone 4S to take my photo. And I know the quality is not really good but it's really convenient to upload the photo in Instagram directly! After my Instagram start to become more people follow, I decided to take some better quality photos to share with my lovely followers!! Then, I bought the white Samsung EX2F!! It's what I use to take my photo now;)

This camera is really convenience for me to transfer the photos to my IPad by Wifi. It also good for taking photo of yourself, the screen of the camera can turn 360 degree which mean you can see yourself when you taking a self-photo!!

More details about the camera:

It's not finish!! My skin is not look like what you saw in my photos!! Maybe little bit darker and some wrinkles in real><" Don't unfollow me after you see my real photo!!!
Left is before edit, Right is after edit:

I use the app called More Beaute 2, it's free!!! it's so easy to use & simple. After you choose your photo, there are 4 things you need to adjust, brightness, smoothing, detail & tone. Below photo is how I adjust for my photos, it's just my suggestion, you have no need to follow, adjust how you want!

After you adjust your photo & save it! A flawless skin photo is done!!!

As you see in my photo, I always add my username on my photo, maybe you are interest that how to do it, if no, no need to continue read now!;)

I use the app called Phonto, it's also free!! Love this app;)
Well, now you all know my secret of my photos, hope you like my post & comment down below! Welcome to share your way with me too;) Tag me in Instagram @angelbirdbb, let me know if you use my way to make your pretty photos ;)
See you in my next blog



  1. oh my, i might consider buying this camera after seeing your post. haha thank you for sharing!

    btw, i hope you can join my giveaway. here's the link: WIN 18 ITEMS FROM THIS GIVEAWAY

    1. You are welcome....Thank you for your comment;)
      Well.....i really recommend this camera and the price is reasonable.
      OK, i will join your giveway & follow your blog too;)

  2. You're still gorgeous without editing > u < How much did you buy the camera for?

    1. Thank you;) I bought it in Hong Kong, it's HKD 2960!!!


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