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Monday 1 April 2013

Easter Hoilday: We're in love♥

Hi everyone, 
How was your Easter Holiday?! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, share with me if you want:)
Mine was quite simple but I liked! We were just 3( Me,my husband & Tiki) at home in this Easter holiday because his parents were travelling.

We ate Hotpot at home, watching movie, went to restaurant, shopping & went out for sport;)
Most of the photos are in my Instagram @angelbirdbb, if you interest, check them out in my Instagram;)
Here are some photos of the day that we went out for sport, actually I did nothing about sport, I were setting & taking photos.haha;) And Tiki were super excited that you can see on the photos!!! In the summer, we always come here by bike! We will come here more when the weather is good and warm!! thing happened that totally destroy my holiday!!! I burned my arm with the stupid light!!!
And, I will have a scare after......the problem is my wedding is coming soon......;( Sad
Anyway, it was happen, hopefully is not on my face, I should be graceful for that;) And, be careful always!!!
See you all in my next blog, share with me your Easter holiday, leave a comment or send me your blog/vlog!!!I would like to see;)
P.S English is not my mother language, forgive my grammar mistake!! I'm trying to improve it XD

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