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Friday 26 April 2013

About my eyes♥

Hi everyone, Thank you for your comments on my IG!! Most of the comments are about my eyes, so let me clearly explain my eyes. My eyes are natural without any plastic surgery and i never have plastic surgery on my face or body!! It's all about make up & color lenses. Also, no photoshop/any editing software to fix my eyes!!

If you're interested to purchase the Princess Mimi grey sesame color lenses, it's what I wear everyday on my photos, please leave a comment let me know! It's just for research. If many people are interested, I will post a link on my shop at then you can place your orders;)
Thank you
One pair of color lenses without len case:USD 28 --> USD 23.5 (20+ pairs are needed)
 Lense type: 1 year disposal
Made in Korea
Shipping Cost: USD 3-5
Shipping Date: 2-6days
Ship Internationally

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